We're disrupting the traditional youth sector.

Youth Group embarked on a journey fueled by the vision to revolutionise the conventional youth industry. Our goal was to introduce a contemporary method for empowering both young individuals and brands to prosper, addressing the shared frustrations of our users along the way.

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We're a company founded for youth and brands.

You can't mistake Youth Group for any other youth-oriented company. Our unique appearance and distinct voice set us apart from the rest. We take pride in our vibrant and self-assured approach, and our unmistakable purple aesthetic is just the beginning. Being the purple standout in a crowd of blandness makes us easily recognisable.

Youth Connect

Our connect platform offers an array of features designed to make connection more accessible and effective, helping you tap into the energy and potential of young people.

Youth Mentors

Our mentoring platform ensures that your team members, regardless of their expertise, can easily navigate and engage with virtual volunteering opportunities with young people.

Youth Verified

Our verified platform enables your brand to build brand value. The trust-building element supports in gaining the confidence of young people, consumers and advocates.


In the heart of our society, a silent crisis is unfolding, one that embodies the challenges confronting today's next generation. It’s called "The RAVEN Crisis".

Much like the raven, a creature of intelligence and adaptability, this crisis is complex and deeply woven into the fabric of our communities. It represents the often silent struggles of the next generation who are grappling with Resilience amidst hardships, seeking Awareness in a world overflowing with information, finding their unique Voice in the midst of societal pressures, harnessing the wisdom from their Experiences, and building a supportive Network in an increasingly isolated world.

"The RAVEN Crisis" urges us to confront these challenges head-on, creating conversation, understanding, and action. It serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential within each individual, echoing the raven's symbolic representation of change and adaptation.

Through addressing "The RAVEN Crisis", we aim to empower the next generation to soar above their challenges, carving out a future that is as bold, intelligent, and hopeful as the raven itself.

Our co-founders.

Our co-founders are the visionary leaders who laid the foundation for our organisation and continue to guide it towards success for young people.

Jack Parsons

Chief Executive Officer

Leon Marsegila

Chief Operating Officer

Fueled by technology, community, and youth insight.

Young founders

Youth Group is led by youthful founders who possess a deep understanding of and strong connection to the challenges faced by young individuals.

Backed by UK’s biggest brands

Youth Group garners support from some of the largest brands in the UK, demonstrating the levels of trust, reach, and influence it possesses across various sectors.

Action, speed and kindness

Within the core of Youth Group's service philosophy lies a carefully crafted formula that combines three essential elements: action, speed, and kindness.

Instant youth impact

Youth Group initiates swift and profound positive transformations in the experiences of young individuals and brands.