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Generating 10 million missions for youth.

Facilitating the growth and development of young individuals aged 18-25 by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to secure promising careers.

10 million missions.

Our mission is to create 10 million missions, enabling young people aged 18-25 to move forward into bright futures and paid opportunities. Missions are simple to explain: each step we help a young person take is a mission created.

Young People

Every young individual can engage in an unlimited number of missions to further their advancement.


Brands can collaborate with Youth Group to co-create missions that align with their aims and youth objectives.

Partners who are creating missions with Youth Group.

Brands are actively involved in crafting and implementing missions in collaboration with Youth Group. These partnerships aim to fulfill mutual objectives, including fostering youth development and meeting organisational goals.

Our 10 million mission milestones.

We are incredibly proud to have supported our community of 1.7 million young people through a multitude of missions. These have had broad impacts: we've fostered 3.3 million instances of career motivation, helped 105,000 young individuals secure employment, and provided 36,000 with invaluable mentorship experiences.

This extensive reach and positive impact have been made possible through our robust partnerships with businesses across various sectors. By teaming up with these organisations, we've been able to offer our platforms, which are free for young people and focus specifically on skills development, job opportunities, and financial empowerment—what we refer to as 'money powers'.

Through these partnerships, we provide young people with the resources they need to advance in life. It's a mutually beneficial relationship: businesses gain access to a new generation of talent, whilst young people acquire the skills and opportunities essential for a bright future. Our aim is to continue growing these initiatives, constantly adapting to meet the ever-evolving needs of our young community.

Career motivation
Securing paid jobs
Benefiting from mentorship

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How to get involved.

Getting involved in our mission at Youth Group isn't just an act of corporate social responsibility; it's an investment in the future. By enabling young people aged 18-25 to move forward into bright futures and paid opportunities, you are contributing to the creation of a more skilled, innovative, and motivated workforce that will eventually shape industries and economies.

Talent Sourcing through Youth Connect.

With Youth Connect, your brand can directly tap into a pool of eager, talented young individuals for hiring. These are people who have already been part of various missions and have the skills, experiences, and motivation to contribute positively to your brand.

Mentorship and development through Youth Mentors.

Offer your experienced employees as mentors in our Youth Mentors program. This is a two-way street: While young people gain valuable insights and knowledge, your employees gain fresh perspectives and the satisfaction of giving back.

Brand Partnerships with Youth Verified.

Become a Youth Verified brand and engage authentically with our vast community of 1.7 million young people. Through tailored campaigns, your brand gains not just visibility but also credibility among the next generation.

Community Engagement.

Be part of our community events, webinars, and workshops that focus on diverse areas like technology, entrepreneurship, and social awareness. Your participation not only boosts your brand's reputation but also provides valuable insights into what matters to the youth.

Get involved in our youth mission.

Come together with us to establish 10 million missions, aimed at uplifting young individuals and crafting a more promising future for all young people.