Youth Group Announces Rebranding to, Marking a New Era in Digital Engagement

Youth Group, a leading youth-focused company renowned for its extensive community of 1.7 million young people across the UK, has officially rebranded itself as This significant change represents the company's strategic shift towards a more digital-centric approach, aiming to enhance engagement and accessibility for young people aged 18-25.

January 2024

The rebranding to symbolizes the organization’s commitment to adapting to the evolving digital landscape. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, has evolved its identity to resonate more effectively with the digital-native generation. This move is set to strengthen the organisation’s digital footprint, making it more approachable and relevant in the spaces where young people are most active. is focused on becoming more accessible and memorable, ensuring that its resources and initiatives are easily reachable in a digital-first world. The new name reflects a user-friendly approach in the age of social media and digital networking. With this rebranding, brings its various initiatives, including Youth Verified, Mentor me, Job ready, and My Duvet Flip, under a unified digital identity. This consolidation is key to creating a stronger, cohesive brand perception, streamlining the organization's mission and services.’s new identity aligns with contemporary corporate trends that emphasize simplicity and digital optimization. In a crowded digital arena, the clear and direct domain of is positioned to stand out, making a powerful statement about the organization’s modern and progressive ethos.

A Word from the COO, Leon Marsgeila

Leon Marsgeila, COO of, shared his excitement about the new direction: "We are incredibly excited about our transition to This change is a testament to our adaptability and commitment to the digital era. It's more than just a rebranding; it's a pivotal part of our 2024 strategy, designed to deeply connect with and empower the youth. This step is just the beginning of many innovative approaches we plan to undertake in our mission to create meaningful opportunities for young people across the UK."

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