Youth podcasts

Share your employees voices to youth online.

We boost awareness of your brand among the younger generation via our youth-first podcasts.

Youth videos

Showcase your career pathways with video.

We create video content to showcase your brand to young people by highlighting stories, leaders and rising stars via our youth-first videos.

Youth talks

Motivate your youth with inspiring talks.

Develop your young employees to foster culture and strengthen retention while inspiring your future leaders with our youth-first talks.

Our solution

The youth content studio that builds trust with young people.

We co-create and develop a range of branded content for your brand, designed to engage young audiences and attract them to your touch-points through our studio.

Our why

Why is youth content important for your brand?

Of youth say they want to see more content from brands.
Of youth say they want to see more content from brands.
Of brands current youth content doesn't engage young people.
Of brands current youth content doesn't engage young people.

What does our youth content studio believe?

Youth content doesn’t have to be consuming.
Creating content has never been easier with Youth Content Studio. You choose from one of our blueprints and we come in and create your content, saving you huge amounts of time.
Youth content doesn’t have to expire.
Building evergreen content is key to be able to use, reuse and re-share youth content wherever you like. No expiry date on your next piece of youth content.
Youth content doesn’t have to cost millions.
Micro content means micro cost. We create triple A content without the Triple A movie budgets.
Our content

Your brand, our blueprint.

Choose from one of our youth content studio blueprints and start engaging the right young people to your brand.

My Duvet Flip

Brand your people with My Duvet Flip.

Youth's favourite career show. Boost your brand's appeal to young audiences by featuring your team on the 'My Duvet Flip' podcast, sharing career stories alongside esteemed guests like the UK Prime Minister and easyJet's CEO.

Youth Circle

Attract new youth with Youth Circle.

Young people love hearing from young people. Youth Circle captures the young employees in your brand, sharing their positive experience which we then promote to other young people curious about your careers.

Youth Talks

Retain your youth with Youth Talks.

Young people stay longer when they stay motivated. Youth Talks invites leaders in the youth space, to inspire and engage young people about how they think about work. From career progression to mental fitness.

Our audience

Your brand in front of the right young people.

Youth members
Supported into work
Seeking opportunities
Active opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Youth Group free for youth?

Yes! Young people do not pay to become a Youth Group member. Only brands pay to access our platform enabling us to keep it free for young people, forever!

What is a mission?

A mission is a promoted opportunity that a brand has for a young person to get involved with. Each mission launched by a brand is showcased to young people to engage with a mission and apply for a job, attend a virtual or in-person event and more. Missions are called missions because young people are on a mission to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

What age is Youth Group for?

Our platform is recommended and best designed for those aged 18-30, however, anyone looking for career support can access our platform from 18 and over.

What's the difference between brands and members?

A brand is an organisation on the platform, which could be in the form of a company, charity, government agency or other organisation structure. A member is an individual on the platform i.e. a young person.

How many members are on Youth Group?

We have more than 1.8 million members, mostly broken down by two age ranges.

18-24 year olds: 1,089,918
25-30 year olds: 733,521

Is Youth Group a registered company?

Yes! Youth Group is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. We have charity partners that we support and work with.

How much does Youth Group cost for brands?

When brands partner with Youth Group they pay a monthly fee that gives them unlimited access to all features on the platform. The monthly membership fee is based on an organisations employee size.