Youth Engagement Platform

Build brand trust and connection with youth.

The Youth Engagement Platform that builds brand trust while meaningfully connecting your touch-points to young people.

Our solution

Your youth engagement platform that brings youth to your brand.

We build your brand profile and promote your brand touch-points to our millions of young people to build trust. Your brand profile showcases your culture, community, opportunities and more.
Branding to young people becomes a cheer not a chore.
The verification that creates brand trust with young people.
The faster, easier way to connect with young people.
Promote existing opportunities
Gain insights with pulse surveys
Boost event attendees
Get the verified trust badge
Build your youth community
Promote existing opportunities
Gain insights with pulse surveys
Boost event attendees
Get the verified trust badge
Build your youth community

What does our youth engagement platform believe?

Youth engagement doesn’t have meaning joining TikTok.
Engaging young people doesn't have to mean dancing TikTok videos. Build youth engagement by showcasing your brand, culture and opportunites in an already engaging way on our platform.
Youth engagement doesn’t have to be complicated.
No more having to re-invent your brand to be more 'youth-first'. Your brand is showcased to young people in the right way from them and in an easy-to-use interface for you.
Youth engagement doesn't have to break brand guidelines.
You have your brand, we have young people. We don't steer away from your existing brand, we showcase your brand to young people in a way they most engage.
Brand profile

Show your brand to youth.

Show your culture and values to engaged youth.

Mission builder

Share your missions to youth.

Share opportunities you want young people to see.

Network hub

Engage your new youth network.

Engage young people that have joined your network.

Our connection

The faster, easier way to connect with young people.

We've made it easy for your brand to connect with young people to drive impact, participation and engagement.

Create your profile

We work with you to create an engaging brand profile that links in with your existing brand guidelines. This drives young people to where you want them.

Invite your team

We allow you to have unlimited team members to manage your brand profile. Invite and manage your team to maximise your productivity and outcomes.

Launch your missions

We set your brand up with unlimited missions (opportunities) to promote to youth. This gives you and your team the flexibility and scalability to reach your youth goals.

See your connections

We help you easily see every young person that engages with your brand. This allows your brand to track, report and connect with youth across your membership via your 'Network'.

Engage your youth

We give you the tools to engage with your new youth community to build trust, increase youth participation and diversity to your brand touch-points.

Our membership

One membership, all things youth engagement.

Unlock all the power of our Youth Engagement Platform by a single membership and join 950+ brands connecting with young people for their opportunities.

Brands who care about youth engagement.

Job seekers
Young parents
Job seekers
Young parents
Our audience

Your brand in front of the right young people.

Youth members
Supported into work
Seeking opportunities
Active opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Youth Group free for youth?

Yes! Young people do not pay to become a Youth Group member. Only brands pay to access our platform enabling us to keep it free for young people, forever!

What is a mission?

A mission is a promoted opportunity that a brand has for a young person to get involved with. Each mission launched by a brand is showcased to young people to engage with a mission and apply for a job, attend a virtual or in-person event and more. Missions are called missions because young people are on a mission to achieve their full potential in the workplace.

What age is Youth Group for?

Our platform is recommended and best designed for those aged 18-30, however, anyone looking for career support can access our platform from 18 and over.

What's the difference between brands and members?

A brand is an organisation on the platform, which could be in the form of a company, charity, government agency or other organisation structure. A member is an individual on the platform i.e. a young person.

How many members are on Youth Group?

We have more than 1.8 million members, mostly broken down by two age ranges.

18-24 year olds: 1,089,918
25-30 year olds: 733,521

Is Youth Group a registered company?

Yes! Youth Group is a private limited company registered in England and Wales. We have charity partners that we support and work with.

How much does Youth Group cost for brands?

When brands partner with Youth Group they pay a monthly fee that gives them unlimited access to all features on the platform. The monthly membership fee is based on an organisations employee size.